Kanetanaka An

Kanetanaka An, a kappo restaurant with a counter made of a single piece of pine grain. This is the origin of Kanetanaka's Kuikiri kappo, where you can communicate with the chef over the counter.


    • Omakase Kaiseki (weekly manu)15,000 yen (16,500 yen including tax)
      5 pieces of snacks, sashimi, grilled dish, appetizer, simmered dish, rice (noodle)
    • Served to Order
      A la carte dishes of the month from 5 snacks (4,000 yen)

This Week's Menu

  • Marutama-chi Rice with Suppon and Radish Hot Pot 2,000 yen (2,200 yen including tax)
    A small suppon hot pot and porridge. An’s special tamachi rice is made by steaming rice with suppon soup and egg. The suppon meat is wrapped in a white egg and served in a hot little pot. It takes about 40 minutes to serve.
  • Chazyke Rice with Sea Bream in Four Bowls 2,500 yen (2,750 yen including tax)
    An’s chazuke is natural sea bream sashimi mixed with sesame sauce, served on a bed of kettle cooked rice and topped with hot soup stock. It takes about 40 minutes to serve.
  • Simmered Sea Bream 2,500 yen(2,750 yen including tax)
    The most flavorful part of the natural sea bream, the head and the kama, is simmered with burdock in a sweet and spicy sauce. As it is the head, the quantity is limited. It takes about 40 minutes to serve.
  • Three-color and Half Azuma Bowl 2,800yen (3,080yen including tax)
    An’s speciality since the opening of the restaurant, tuna marinated in yellow soy sauce, sea bream marinated in sesame soy sauce and seasonal fish marinated in ginger soy sauce, served on a bed of rice cooked in a kettle. It takes about 40 minutes to serve.
  • Stacked Plates (booking up to the day before) 6,000 yen(6,600 yen including tax)
    8,000 yen(8,800 yen including tax)
    The stacked plates are a new proposal from Kanetanaka for lunch dishes. A cold plate for cold dishes and a hot plate for hot dishes. The soup connects the two trays and proceeds to the rice. <cold dish, soup, hot dish, rice (noodle), sweet>
    It takes about 1.5 hours to serve.

※The prices shown on the menu are the dishes prices.
※10% service charge will be added to your bill for dinner.

Please call us to make a reservation.
Phone Number for reservation 03-3289-8822

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