Shinbashi Kanetanaka

Since our establishment in Kibiki-cho, we have cherished the challenging spirit of the Shinbashi Karyukai.
We have a variety of rooms, from Shoin(study room) to Suki(tastefully room), and we welcome you with flowers, hanging scrolls and incense on the floor. Incorporate the seasons into the bowl, add geisha flowers, and pay attention to the party.
In keeping with the spirit of the founder of the restaurant, Kanetanaka's cuisine is based on the concept of "kuikiri“ parlor dish, which means to make the best use of seasonal ingredients.


LunchLunch Time(11:00〜15:00)

Main Kaiseki

40,000yen (44,000 yen including tax)
Appetizer, substantial dish, soup, sashimi, grilled dish, assorted side dishes, vinegared dish, simmered dish, rice, dessert of fruit, sweets

This is Kanetanaka's best course, and is also available in the evening. The best seasonal ingredients including the beginning, middle and ending of the season, are gathered from all over Japan with the utmost care. We offer the deliciousness of heaven's gift for the seasonas a small dish called Kuikiri, in keeping with the legacy of our founder.

Small Dish Kaiseki

30,000 yen (33,000 yen including tax)
Four small plates, soup, sashimi, grilled dish, appetizer, simmered dish, rice, dessert of fruit, sweets

A small plate kaiseki starts with a series of small plate accompaniments to sake. You can enjoy them one after the other with drinks, or you can enjoy them one by one. Enjoy the taste of seasonal ingredients, carefully selected to bring out the best of the season.

Stacked Plates

15,000 yen (16,500 yen including tax)
Appetizer, cold dish( assortment of sashimi and other cold dishes), soup, hot dish(assorted hot dishes), rice, sweets

Stacked plates are a new way of serving food at Kanetanaka.
Cold plates are combined into one tray, warm plates are combined into one tray, and bowls and sashimi connect them together. The simplicity of this plate captures the changing scenery of the four seasons.

※The prices shown on the menu are the price of dishes. 10% service charge will be added to your bill. The seating charge is from 3,000 yen.

Please call us to make a reservation
Phone number to book: 03-3541-2556

Dinner Time

In accordance with the tradition of Karyukai,
we ask you to have a referral to visit our restaurant.
Referrals from AMEX and DINERS are also accepted.

We offer a variety of rooms for meetings
and engagement celebrations.

At Shimbashi Kanetanaka, we offer rooms suitable for celebrations.
The congratulatory food and etiquette will strengthen the bond between the two families.